After you've read the book you might be interested in ...

These are articles I came across during or after writing An Ordinary Epidemic. I found them compelling reading, you might too.

How the New York Transport authority battened down the subways for Hurricane Sandy, and why older technology fared better - Could New York City Subway Survive another Hurricane - NYT

A truly gripping article about how the US Federal Reserve's preparations for Y2K kept the paper money flowing on 9/11 - The Astonishing Story of the Federal Reserve on 9/11 - Daily Kos

Every potential case had us wondering if Ottawa was next. I didn't remember that the concert in Toronto was held while people were still sick in hospital - SARS Timeline - CBC News

A recent Australian program on dealing with pandemics, with lots of links (including the shopping list I used as a basis for the pantry) - Insight, Pandemics - SBS

Some very domestic details about the 1918 Flu epidemic in Britain - How Britain Coped in the 1918 Epidemic - The Independent

Why the disease we have to worry about are the ones we haven't thought of - How to Survive the Next Plague -

Two articles on why even when we know what's coming, we're not always prepared
          - Everything that Went Wrong in Dallas -
          - WHO Has Acknowledge the Failures of Its Ebola Crisis Response - Time magazine

2020 update: From the ABC - Think of coronavirus as a test run (not that it feels like it!). The article deals with some of the issues that haven't come up (for us in Australia) of how long infrastructure would hold out.

A short story based on one of the chapters of the novel in Southerly's Long Paddock.