After you've read the book you might be interested in ...

These are articles I came across during or after writing An Ordinary Epidemic. I found them compelling reading, you might too.

How the New York Transport authority battened down the subways for Hurricane Sandy, and why older technology fared better - Could New York City Subway Survive another Hurricane - NYT

A truly gripping article about how the US Federal Reserve's preparations for Y2K kept the paper money flowing on 9/11 - The Astonishing Story of the Federal Reserve on 9/11 - Daily Kos

Every potential case had us wondering if Ottawa was next. I didn't remember that the concert in Toronto was held while people were still sick in hospital - SARS Timeline - CBC News

A recent Australian program on dealing with pandemics, with lots of links (including the shopping list I used as a basis for the pantry) - Insight, Pandemics - SBS

Some very domestic details about the 1918 Flu epidemic in Britain - How Britain Coped in the 1918 Epidemic - The Independent

Why the disease we have to worry about are the ones we haven't thought of - How to Survive the Next Plague -

Two articles on why even when we know what's coming, we're not always prepared
          - Everything that Went Wrong in Dallas -
          - WHO Has Acknowledge the Failures of Its Ebola Crisis Response - Time magazine

A short story based on one of the chapters of the novel in Southerly's Long Paddock.